A series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

Tomi Freeman, Web Designer

Tomi Freeman, Designer

Play is a series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

To view more of Tomi's work, visit Njoi CoLab Designer Collective and Control Skateboards

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Cool thing about the internet is that on any given day you can stumble upon the most unique and inspiring work, in this case we found Tomi from Helsinki, Finland.

Such was the case when we saw Tomi Freeman's personal portfolio (no longer online). A random link from a random site, et voila!

PAUL: What lead you onto the net?

TOMI: Fast access to unlimited porn...! but seriously, internet is an interesting playground, it's always on the move. and it's definitely the most effective medium for designers to get fame, fast.; )

PAUL: What did you do before you found the net?

TOMI: i've always been into art, graffity, skateboarding, photography, music and everything around and that naturally led me into graphic design, so first i worked a lot with board graphics, teeshirts, flyers and stuff like that.

PAUL: Which medium do you prefer most, photography, graphic design, web design, painting, etc...

TOMI: i prefer mixing everything together into something new, i feel like they all go hand in hand, support eachothers, but i could say that graphic design is above others, at the moment atleast.

PAUL: What other designer's/artists have influenced you most?

TOMI: reid miles, picasso, kinsey, basquiat, gonzales, tarkovski, bates, hecox, warhol, coltrane, enrique estuardo alvarez, etc...basicly anyone who's taking shit into next level.

PAUL: Did school (art, business, etc...) really help?

TOMI: Definitely, school gives you time to work on your personal projects, working in big companies with big clients doesn't.

PAUL: Has your military experience effected your work in any way?

TOMI: Huh...?! well, lets say that it gave me credibility to use guns, gasmasks & other cool stuff in my designs, but otherwise i say (F-word) the army!

PAUL: Have you ever lived outside Helsinki? Is travel important to you?

TOMI: i just spent six months in barcelona, going back there soon, otherwise i've been living in hellsinki, travelling a lot, meeting people. travel is important. meeting people is important. having a camera with you when travelling is important. document!

PAUL: What is it you want people to go away with after experiencing your work?

TOMI: That they would get inspired in their own work (and remember my name... ; )

PAUL: Is it important what other people think of you and your work?

TOMI: Feedback is important, it's cool to get emails from other designers around the world, it's cool if someone likes my work, and if someone doesnt, thats cool too, people should give more critics so you know whats up with your work.

PAUL: What has art/design brought to your life that makes it better?

TOMI: i'm 100% happy working with art/design, i feel like i'm on the right track if you know what i mean.

PAUL: What's the last project you did?

TOMI: i just finished a double page artwork about azzholism on lodown magazine so check that out!


Oct. 2006 with Tomi... "my work with ctrl is all the graphic design and clothing site, it's mostly a clothing brand nowadays. the only thing i didnt do is the layouts for the last two catalogs online... anyway, nice hearing from you,this is our design collective, lets keep in touch, peace

Interview By: Paul Lopes

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