A series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

Rui Camilo, Photographer

Rui Camilo

Play is a series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

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"Visitors are invited to view the world through the shooter's lens, conjuring up muted stills, vibrant portraits, and swank fashoin spreads at will." – I.D. Interactive Media Design Magazine Review of Rui's photographic work and web site.

Rui Camillo has been recognized internationally for his photography portfolio and work. We were so impressed ourselves, we eventually conjured up the courage to ask if we could profile him. Here are the results of our communications with Rui.

PAUL: Does photography allow you the opportunity to slip into other worlds/subcultures/groups?

RUI: It does! It's sometimes a kind of excuse to merge into other worlds.

PAUL: Do these groups accept you more so than a regular outsider or non member of their group because you are a photographer?

RUI: It is easier, for the first step, to be a photographer, but then, to get good pictures they have to trust and accept you somehow. A good picture is also always a gift from the person or group you are taking it from. Most of them feel if you mean it honest or if you just want to merge quick into their world, take some exotic pictures and out (not my cup of tea). It's always worth and very interesting to take your time. at the end you are accepted / judged as the person you are, not as the photographer.

PAUL: Do you become a different person when you take pictures and spend time with different groups?

RUI: No, but there are two of me then. One part of me who is looking for the right moment and place to take the picture and the other part who wants to communicate, to find out whom I'm taking photos of.

PAUL: What would you like to photograph but have not yet had the opportunity to do so?

RUI: I would like to have more time and opportunity to photograph my friends.

PAUL: Do you always take your camera with you?

RUI: Not always, not the big nikon. But most of the times I carry a pocket camera with me.

PAUL: Do you prefer to shoot things as opposed to people?

RUI: It doesn't really matter to me if it's someone or something. "things", landscapes, etc. as well as people have their special magic. Only taking pictures of people, I would feel like a cook that is just allowed to make pizzas for the rest of his life, although I love pizza.

PAUL: Did you study photography on your own or in school?

RUI: I was already a photographer when I started to study graphic design, and after I finished my studies I kept stuck to photography.

PAUL: Do you feel that your photography should try represent the world you photograph objectively or do you feel it is important for the photographer to exert his/her subjectivity into the images?

RUI: I think that the photographer always exerts his subjectivity into the images.

PAUL: Has the web helped you boost your profile and expose your work to more people?


Interview By: Paul Lopes

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